Parent Advocate

Parent Advocate

Advice, direction, vision, opportunity, caring, action, training, education

Why a parent advocate?

The family of a special needs child has many concerns.  The service needed to address these concerns is often difficult to locate.  The advocate can assist families in locating needed services for their child.  The advocate can also help families work with various child serving agencies as mental health/mental retardation, children and youth, drug and alcohol, and schools.

Who is a parent advocate?

Our advocate is a trained person who has a special needs child.  She is someone who understands and knows some of the difficulties of finding services.  She is someone who has been through the system and is able to assist others.

What does the advocate do?

  • Works with families to identify and prioritize their child’s needs.
  • Can provide agency contacts that may be able to provide services for the special needs child.
  • Can help ensure that services provided are appropriate.
  • Can share printed information on various topics with families and agencies.
  • Can work with agencies in determining a family’s needs.
  • Will set up training seminars for parents and agency personnel.
  • Will provide information by speaking to community organizations – including parent groups and support groups.

Who can use this service?

  • Any parent or guardian of a special needs child.
  • Agencies servicing children with special needs.

How can I get this service?

CALL!  Our advocate works Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.  If the advocate is unavailable, you may leave your phone number and our advocate will return your call.  (724) 225-2061 or you can e-mail her at